The following is a sample of companies pure minds has partnered or has done in-house workshops and team offsites with:

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“Nina worked with our team at a time of significant corporate change, where ambiguity and anxiety where at peak levels. With Nina’s help, we developed our capabilities of self-awareness and the skills required to become more mindful. This has given us a common language to share with each other in how we’re navigating the multiple priorities and responsibilities in our organization and has reset our compass for why we’re really here. Becoming “mindful” has been an essential element on our journey of becoming a high performing team.”

- Martin Spencer, Senior Director Sales - US, Mars Wrigley Confectionary

“I asked Nina to lead our marketing team through a workshop on mindfulness to help build resilience and perspective among the team. The session was extremely interactive, thought-provoking and helpful in both a professional and personal manner. The way Nina designs her workshops helps to build life-long skills so the value created for each individual goes beyond the office. People were excited, engaged, and eager to implement the best practices we learned - the team was so engaged we happily ran over time. I appreciate how Nina genuinely listens to her clients and customizes the experience to cater to your needs so you can be confident in creating an experience that will have an impact.” 

- Babita Bhattal, Chief of Staff, Global Marketing GSK

"Nina led our management team through a half day Pure Minds Mindfulness Workshop and it was inspirational and a highly worthwhile experience and investment.  On the individual basis, it helped each of us learn how to focus on ways to relax, manage stress and reduce the daily noise that clutters our minds, to gain greater insight into what matters most. The session was focused on a mindful way of working together and nurturing the best personal head space so each of us is fully engaged to contribute the most. From a group dynamics perspective, it gave us the opportunity to bond through unique self-exploratory and team-exploratory exercises that have proven valuable well beyond the half day session.  As Canada’s most award-winning public relations agency, we strive everyday for the highest performance, the most comprehensive communications and marketing solutions, and being ahead of the curve with our creativity and innovation. The Pure Minds session gave us practical tips and techniques that help harness our personal and collective best so we can always give our very best to our clients and colleagues."

- Judy Lewis, Co-founder and Partner, Strategic Objectives


Nina has an incredible presence and exudes mindfulness, confidence, peace, and contentment.  She led a full-day 6 hour workshop for my team stimulating thought-provoking discussions and creating exercises for both personal and professional introspection, mindfulness, and growth. We have done a number of workshops and none had the potential to be as life-changing both personally & professionally. This workshop emphasizes the importance of quieting the mind, removing the busy-ness and negative thinking we all tend to have; with the ultimate goal to attain internal peace and happiness. I'm confident that this will have an impact on the focus and efficiency of my team. We can all use a refresher course in putting things into perspective, being thankful, letting go and accepting things that cannot be changed, and resisting the temptation to stress over the past and be anxious about the future.  “Being” in the present takes work but with practice and determination, can be achieved.  Through the mindful listening, focus, and meditation techniques taught during this workshop, my team and I walked away with a fresh and positive outlook, along with practical exercises that we can use daily to be more mindful.  Thank you Nina!  

- Barb Munro, Co-founder and Partner, The Carrera Agency


"Thanks so much Nina, we really loved the session, could have easily taken a full day!  Thanks for being a great teacher!"

- Cameron Teedon, VP, Ingido


"Within the span of an hour, Nina expertly delivered an exceptionally informative session filled with great exercises, insights and knowledge on the art of being mindful. Her shared personal and corporate life experiences/examples benefited us greatly in making the session very relatable, tangible and digestible. From being reminded of the simple yet valuable practice of learning to step back and take a proper breath, to understanding the nature of the mind, to macro perspectives on life, our team can say that there were a number of inspiring takeaways/exercises to incorporate into daily life."

-  Monika Sharma, Director, Viacom


"Nina led our team through this workshop at a critical time of change for our organization.  Nina showed up with such authenticity and vulnerability and as a result, inspired our team to participate in the same manner and truly embrace the subject matter.  The awareness and practice of mindfulness provides immense value at both the team and individual level.  The benefits of proper breathing, mindful listening and understanding what it means to be truly present are just a few of the insights that I will apply to my life both in and out of the workplace."

- Adam Ableman, Integration Lead, Mars Wrigley Confectionary


"Our team worked with Nina from PureMinds in April of this year, (2018). Many of our staff were unfamiliar with Mindfulness but Nina’s presentation helped us understand the various facets and nuances of mindfulness. It was an interactive hands-on presentation which provided very simple exercises which could be used to help us navigate mindfully the many challenges we face both in the workplace and at home. Nina conveys a very high level of empathy, calm and professionalism. She shared many personal aspects of her journey which touched us deeply and which many of us could relate to personally. I confidently recommend Pure Minds as a wonderful staff development program to improve communication, relationships and to help manage stress among team members."

- Carla McDonald, Executive Corporate Administrator, Westmont Hospitality Group


"It was both a pleasure and inspiring working with Nina.  Her workshop not only taught us about mindfulness but gave us key takeaways that we have already started implementing into our everyday life."

- Lindsay Knowlton, Director, Knixwear


"I took this workshop on my own and gained such insightful tools to use in my everyday life and I simply had to share it with my work family.  Our team workshop was incredible - catered specifically for the audience and the content was geared towards practical applications in not only our work environment, but our personal as well.  I have heard nothing but great feedback from the team that they LOVED it!  Even those that were skeptical going in said that the content really resonated with them."

- Julie Chung, Senior Manager, Indigo