Nina is full of wisdom and truly an inspiring person. I met her at the Mind Matters Mindful AF workshop where she was the Mindfulness instructor. She provided so much insight into what mindfulness is, how it effects our day-to-day life and exercises for staying mindful and in the moment. Although practicing mindfulness can be hard, Nina reassured us that if we practice, we'll be able to become more mindful. I loved that Nina shared her own journey of mindfulness and meditation in the workshop, which made her very easy to relate to. She truly has a gift when it comes to teaching mindfulness and I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in getting rid of mind clutter to live a more simply, easy, happy, mindful life.

- Megan Marsiglio at The Omm Life

I attended the Mindful AF workshop and really liked it! Nina and Kate were great hosts and shared excellent insights on this topic (I didn’t even see the time go by!)  We also had very good discussions and I felt really inspired to put some of these tips into action towards being fully present.  Thank you for such a good session! I look forward to the next ones :)

- Grabriela Corsi

I think it was great and the instructors were amazing - it was clear they lived and breathed mindfulness and were passionate about the subject. I was definitely inspired by them, their stories and the work they do in this field!

- Attendee of the Mindfulness Workshop at The Drake Hotel

I attended the Mindful AF event and loved it - after trying many different classes that taught mindfulness and meditation, I was finally able to get it!  The instructors explained everything in a way that was relatable, in a comfortable setting.  Would definitely recommend!

- Natalie Rose

The Mindful AF workshop was great, I highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn about mindfulness.  For those who already know, this is a great refresher.  Nina and Kate are really helpful, informative and friendly.  Their approach is relatable.  Personally, meditation is always a struggle for someone who gets restless and distracted.  But I found Nina's approach to be really effective.  Thank you!

- Alvia Gaish

It was a great event and love what you're doing.  It was a good time to sit back and take everything in and realize that there are so many other people who need to learn about mindfulness, Thank you!!!!

- Attendee of the Mindfulness Workshop at The Drake Hotel