customized programs to suit your PUBLIC & PERSONAL needs

group EVENTS

Pure Minds offers mindfulness workshops to a wide range of groups. In these workshops we go through the benefits, the obstacles and a practical guide on how to be more mindful. We are happy to customize a program to suit your needs and are not limited to the type of venue you would like to hold your session in, whether it be a house, hospital, school, studio, eatery or hotel. 

individual sessions

Whether you would like tips and exercises on how to stay more mindful or you’re struggling with day-to-day stress, trying to find peace and balance in your life, Pure Minds is happy to meet with you for a one-on-one session.


If there’s a larger group curious to know what mindfulness is all about, Pure Minds can conduct a Mindfulness 101 lecture describing what it is and how to work towards mindful living.