Looking for an activity for a team offsite or event?  why not drive focus & efficiently by cultivating the practice of mindfulness?  we customize our programs to suit your business needs and ensure they are interactive & team building in nature. 


Mindfulness is a great activity to consider for a team event or offsite. Pure Minds is able to conduct a team workshop, for the duration you need. These interactive and cuztomized workshops drive team cohesiveness and are filled with practical ways to drive efficiency.


Many employees would love to take yoga, meditation or mindfulness classes outside of work, but don’t have the time. We can set up a one time class or a 4-12 week program, (1 hour per week), for people to participate in. 

key note

If you plan on having a townhall or national off-site, Pure Minds can address the group on the impact of practising mindfulness and tips on how to carry this through one’s personal and professional life.

one on one

Many individuals would love to see a counselor, therapist or mindfulness coach to aid in stress management.  We provide one-on-one sessions on-site, to employees who are seeking this opportunity. Taking a keen interest in your employees’ overall well-being can help unlock their true potential.  

Note that if your company requires a type of forum that is not listed above, don’t hesitate to request a program more specific to your needs.